About RailMiles


RailMiles was released as the consequence of a combination of an A2 level coursework and Tom travelling to and from college at Brockenhurst every day. Since version 3 was launched in early 2010, hundreds of people have used RailMiles to log their journeys by rail accumulating over 12 million miles of rail travel across nearly all the continents on the globe.

RailMiles spawned the release of a system called Timetables, in response to the release of timetable open data by Network Rail, which provided a full line-up of rail services within the UK. Following this, and the open release of real-time information, Realtime Trains was born.

Since then, there have been continuing efforts to integrate the output of the processed real-time from Realtime Trains and that has led to the release of the newest version of RailMiles in 2015.


With thanks to Matthew Baxter, Olly Swan, Jamie Course and James Trebinski for pictures used on the website masthead banners.