It's out!

The new version of RailMiles is now available to join and buy!

It’s fully integrated into Realtime Trains and there’s a progressively building history up to 6 months which started at the beginning of the year. So from June onwards, there’ll be a 6 month history.

There are still several improvements to come in the next few days but the system is now set up so there’ll be new features every few months or so. In the meantime, you can join up today and you’ll receive these features as soon as they become available.

Existing RailMiles users can sign up to My RailMiles and migrate their account under the Settings menu.

RailMiles returns soon

I am pleased to announce the return of RailMiles.

It’s been a very long time coming and has been through two complete rewrites since the release of RailMiles 3 but it’s now in place that I’m happy with it. The recent history of RailMiles has been somewhat troubled - primarily down to Realtime Trains, in fact - but it’s never worth releasing something until you’re happy with it.

New improvements to RailMiles in this version include integration with Realtime Trains for real-time updates, support for rail replacement buses to see just how many miles you’ve lost to them and support for any and every mobile internet connected device in the web browser. You can also now set up a friends list and set up a private league with them.